During our careers many of us will be required to give a presentation. Only those employees who are required to deliver presentations on a daily or weekly basis will find them easy. For example, when I worked in the Fire Service I held a position at the training centre, during which time I delivered presentations on a daily basis. After a few weeks in the post I was extremely competent at not only creating presentations, but also delivering them.


If you are not worried or nervous at the prospect of giving your first presentation, then there is something wrong! It is only natural to be worried or concerned about having to stand up in front of a group of people and talking for 10 or 20 minutes. The key to being able to deliver your presentation effectively is preparation.

Here are 5 key tips on how to give a presentation.


Presentation skills tip 1

Do not leave it until the night before your presentation before you start working on the content and delivery. You should ideally start creating the content at least a week beforehand; that is of course if you have that much time. Focus on the content first and then the delivery.

Presentation skills tip 2

Keep the content and delivery simple. Your audience will quickly become bored if you do not focus on the main message your are trying to deliver. Remember, the presentation is about your audience, not about you!

Presentation skills tip 3

Practice delivering your presentation at least once before the real this. This will allow you to iron out any mistakes or change any content. There is nothing wrong with asking someoen to sit in on your presentation and getting them to provide feedback.

Presentation skills tip 4

Split your presentation up into 3 areas as follows: INTRODUCTION, MIDDLE and END. The introduction of your presentation is usually an icebreaker and the chance for you to outline what your presentation will cover. The middle is the main body of your presentation where you will deliver the message or content. The final end part of your presentation is where you will summarise and ask if the audience has any questions.

Presentation skills tip 5

Speak loud and clear; pace yourself. When you are up there giving your presentation it is only natural that you will talk faster. Remember to pace yourself and slow down! | Suite 2 | 50 Churchill Square | Kings Hill | Kent | ME19 4YU