Numerical reasoning tests are used my many employers as a tool to assess how competent you are in the use of numbers and mathematical equations. Many of today's careers require an ability to work with numerical data and therefore, you must ensure that your competence in this area is up to scratch.


Numerical Reasoning Tests Online Testing suite

As soon as your one-off pyament of £9.99 has been made we will automatically send you your unique passcode and username by e-mail so that you can start practicing your Numerical Reasoning Tests.


The most effective way to prepare for numerical reasoning tests is to carry out lots of sample tests under timed conditions. Before you try out our online testing suite, take a read of the following hints and tips that will allow you to improve your scores in any numerical reasoning test.

Tip 1

In the build up to the real test try out lots of sample test questions.

Tip 2

Do not cram the night before your test. Instead, carry out lots of shorter sessions in the weeks and days leading up to your test. Twenty minutes per night is far more effective than two solid hours the night before your test.

Tip 3
Practice maths with and without a calculator. Practising really does make a difference.

Tip 4
Do number puzzles in newspapers and magazines. These can really make a difference to your scores and they are fun too.

Tip 5
Keep score when playing games like darts, card games, etc.

Tip 6
Calculate how much your shopping will cost before you reach the till.

Tip 7
Work out how much change you should receive when you pay for something.

Tip 8
Learn your times tables off by heart.

Tip 9
Read financial reports in newspapers.

Tip 10
Study tables of data.

Tip 11

In the build up to the test drink plenty of fresh water. It is important that you are hydrated during the test. This will help to improve your concentration levels.

Tip 12

Avoid alcohol and caffeine in the days leading up to the test.

Tip 13

Make sure you get a good night sleep before the test.

Tip 14

Know your way to the assessment/test centre. The last thing you need is to get lost on the way there!

Tip 15

If you are required to use a calculator during the test, make sure you know how to use one competently.

OK, now it's time to start working through each of the sample tests.

Numerical Reasoning Test Questions

Try to answer the questions quickly and without the use of a calculator.
You have 5 minutes in which to answer the 14 questions.

Exercise 1

1. A wallet has been found containing one £20 note, five £5 notes, a fifty pence coin and three 2 pence coins. How much is in the wallet?

2. Subtract 200 from 500, add 80, subtract 30 and multiply by 2. What number do you have?

3. A multi-storey car park has 8 floors and can hold 72 cars on each floor. In addition to this there is also allocation for 4 disabled parking spaces per floor. How many spaces are there in the entire car park?

4. A man saves £12.50 per month. How much would he have saved after 1 year?

5. If there have been 60 accidents along one stretch of a motorway in the last year, how many on average have occurred each month?

6. Out of 40,000 applicants only 4,000 are likely to be successful. What percentage will fail?

7. What percentage of 400 is 100?

8. Malcolm's shift commences at 0615 hours. If his shift is 10.5 hours long what time will he finish?

9. If Mary can bake 12 cakes in 2 hours how many will she bake in 10 hours?

10. If there are 24 hours in the day. How many hours are there in one week?

Answers to Numerical Reasoning Test Questions

1. £45.56

2. 700

3. 608 spaces

4. £150

5. 5 accidents

6. 90%

7. 25%

8. 1645 hours or 4.45pm

9. 60 cakes

10. 168 hours


As soon as your one-off pyament of £9.99 has been made we will automatically send you your unique passcode and username by e-mail so that you can start practicing your Numerical Reasoning Tests.

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