Person specifications form a fundemental part of any job or career role. Within this video and article we take a look at how one is constructed and how you can predict the interview questions from the desirable and essential criteria that form part of this person specification example.


Any employer woth their salt will create a person specification for every role within their organisation. Without one, an employee will have no guidance or rules on how to perform in their role, and more importantly, what is expected of them.

A person specification is basically a blue print for the role being advertised. Whilst it is a useful tool for the employer to lay down set guidelines and expectations, it is also an invaluable resource in the job-seekers armory when preparing for an application form or interview.

Let's take a look at an example person specification:

Person specification example

The above person specification example is used for the role of Customer Service Advisor. You will see that it contains both essential and desirable attributes.

Next to each attribute is the following letters and their meanings:

A - Assessed during the application form

R - Assessed during the role play or tests

I - Assessed during the interview.

To put it bluntly, the employer is basically giving you the interview questions withhin this document, or at least some of them.

For example, during the 'knowledge and skills' section of the peron specification you can see that one of the essential attributes is:

Ability to communicate clearly and effectively by writing and in person.

Therefore, a guaranteed question at interview will be:

Q. Can you provide evidence of where you have communicated effectively in person. What were your considerations and what was the result?


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